Martin McCurdy

Specialising in extensions, conversions, listed buildings & sustainable architecture

Providing architectural services to home owners in Brighton and Sussex who want to extend, convert, refurbish or improve their home. From major extensions to loft conversions to work on Listed Buildings, I treat every client as an individual and their project as a one-off. Working with me you will benefit from a personalised, thoughtful approach creating a design that matches your brief, budget, circumstances and personal style.

Match your home to your lifestyle
From major extensions to loft conversions to internal alterations, I can offer you smart and energy-efficient designs and choices to help you change the way you experience your home.
Flexible architectural services
From providing ideas and inspiration to meeting regulations, I offer a range of architectural services to fit your building project and your budget.
Designing greener homes
My philosophy is to minimise the environmental impact of the buildings I design, and to build the most energy-efficient, sustainable home possible for you.

My architectural services


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Martin offered us simple and pragmatic advice in a timely manner. Even after reviewing the first drawings there was plenty of scope to adapt and amend to better suit our needs. The whole family are very pleased with the finished space

BD Brighton

Without Martin we would never have been able to negotiate the pitfalls of Planning and the complexities of Building Control. He was always happy to fit in with our irregular availability and made the whole process very straightforward

CP Montpelier Street, Brighton

We have worked with Martin for over three years. Our collaboration began in 2008 when we asked him to design an extension to our kitchen. The final plans involved extending the kitchen as well as moving the existing garage and utility room. Martin assisted us in choosing a builder and at every turn we found his help invaluable. The work has received plaudits from friends and professionals alike. He has always been most generous with his advice and the persons he recommended have all been excellent

BL & PL Withdean, Brighton

Want to extend, convert, upgrade or improve your home?

From major extensions to loft conversions to internal alterations.

Investigating under my Floors or ‘Potholing’ in Brighton

Walking into a shop in the north lanes in Brighton a few weeks ago I noticed that the floor seems very bouncy. When I mentioned it to the owner they didn’t seem to be bothered saying that the floor hadn’t collapsed so far and the freeholder was responsible for any structural works. I left the …

Check-out Your Ground Floors

The next step in my maintenance and retrofitting journey is to investigate the state and condition of my ground floors i.e. those floors and walls that are in close contact with the ground. Checking your Ground Floors Solid floors are benign but can be cold and damp. If you have timber floors at ground level …