Loft conversion, new gable & new pitched roof

Project Info

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  • Location

    Preston Park, Brighton

The brief

The clients wanted to use the empty loft space to create a master bedroom at the top of the house with an ensuite and dressing room. As part of the design, they sought to maximise light and space and optimise the views from the new second-storey bedroom.

The property

The property is a large 1920s detached house on an elevated position overlooking Brighton. It is constructed from bricks at the base, with a pebble dash on the first floor and with a tiled hipped roof on all fours sides over the original part of the house. An earlier two-storey extension encompassing the original garage copies the original walling materials but is finished with a basic felted flat roof.

The solution

The design proposed to convert the hip at the back of the property to a gable and change the flat roof over the garage to a pitched & hipped roof.
A hip to gable was a visually attractive solution to creating additional usable space in the loft. The gable follows the lines of the existing roof, its orientation minimizes any detrimental impact on the neighbours but it maximizes the views of the City. The roofing materials and the finish of the new gable give a uniform appearance to the rear elevation.
The new hipped roof at the side matches the line and pitch of the existing roof, it follows the existing eaves and uses matching materials but it is subordinate to the original roof and has a lower ridge line.
Internally there is a large bedroom running from the front to the back with a dressing area to the front of the bedroom. Under the new pitched roof is a good sized ensuite bathroom containing a large ‘walk-in’ shower and a bath. The new stairs from the 1st-floor landing follow the line of and match the existing stairs and look as though they were always there.

The result

The aim of the proposal was to maximize the available space in the loft whilst creating a design that was harmonious with and enhanced the visual character and form of the existing house. The loft conversion has created a good sized bedroom with an ensuite and a dressing area. The gable to the rear provides space, light, ventilation and fantastic views and the new pitched roof provides space for the ensuite and gives a more balanced front elevation to the property creating visual harmony.

“We are very pleased with the results. The bathroom is much bigger than anticipated, the dressing room is an excellent use of the space and the huge gable window is a constant delight. The atmosphere that has been created is very calming.”

CE, Brighton