Converting your basement is one way in which you can make good use of unused space that already exists within your home. Through creative and efficient design I can help you extend your living space into your basement.

In developing proposals for your basement I will create space that works for you, that maximises light and ventilation and that feels part of your home.

Make use of your basement

An unused basement could add one or more rooms to your property, or you might even have enough space to create a separate basement flat. Extending into your basement will not usually require planning approval but if you want to change the external appearance of your property e.g. add a light well, you are likely to require planning approval.

With the right design, planning and implementation, basement conversions can be light, damp-free and well-insulated rooms that extend your living space considerably.

Extending your home underground raises some technical issues not faced when building above ground. The walls and floor will need to be a ‘structural box’ to retain the ground and water pressure behind them and you may need to underpin the existing foundations. The walls and floor should be well insulated and you must prevent moisture from entering the new rooms. A cavity membrane system inside the ‘structural box’ with a pump or gravity drainage will take away any water that seeps through the ‘structural box’. A cavity membrane system is generally considered to be one of the best basement waterproofing solutions.

Based on our initial consultation, I will propose a design for your basement that accommodates your wishes and that makes the best use of the available space.

Creation of separate accommodation

If you are considering creating a separate flat in your basement or you already live in flat you will need planning approval. Your Local Authority will have planning policies on the sub-division of properties in your area. I can request pre-application advice on your proposals, submit the planning application on your behalf and obtain building regulation approval.

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