Good knowledge of the Local Authority’s planning and conservation policies & guidelines are key to extending or altering your home if it is located in a conservation area or in a National Park.

I have extensive knowledge and wide experience of working on properties in conservation areas and can provide you with architectural designs that meet the Local Authority’s requirements.

In designing for building in conservation areas I will work with you to achieve your wishes whilst balancing this with the Local Authority requirements to retain the important historic features of your home.

Building in a conservation area

Conservation areas have been identified as areas that have a special architectural or historic interest that is worth preserving or enhancing. For this reason, the Local Authority planning controls are stricter in conservation areas and most external works to properties in conservation areas will require planning approval.

An Article 4 Direction provides the Local Authority with additional planning controls to protect the character of a conservation area. Most Article 4 Directions relate the façade facing the public space but they can extend to the rear of the property as well.

If you have a property in a conservation area, I can advise you on the type and design of building works that are likely to be acceptable to the Local Authority. The planning application you submit will be considered in terms of the effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the conservation area.  Knowing how to go about this can save you a lot of time, and I can make the application on your behalf.

South Downs National Park

Extending or converting your home if it is located in the South Downs National Park (SDNP) will have similar restrictions to a conservation area. In making proposals to develop your home I will consider the impact your wishes have on the landscape, the wildlife and the cultural heritage of the SDNP. The SDNP authority will expect your proposals to be of high quality and to conserve and enhance the views, the character and the wildlife in the Park.

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