Listed buildings are buildings considered to have special architectural or historic interest and are of national importance. Good knowledge of the Local Authority’s planning and heritage policies guidelines is key to extending or altering your listed home.

I have; in-depth knowledge of working with historic buildings, experience of the conversion, refurbishment and alteration to listed buildings and have worked on and obtained Listed Building consent for Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed properties. I have a detailed understanding of the Council’s listed building policies and a good working relationship with the Heritage and Planning Department of Local Councils and can provide you with architectural designs that meet the national and local requirements.

In working on Listed Buildings I will seek to combine the requirements to preserve this important part of our heritage with your needs and wishes for a home fit for modern day living.

Alterations to listed buildings

Listed building consent is required from the Local Authority for any works that would affect the listed building’s special character and making alterations to Listed Buildings can be challenging. You will need listed building consent for any work you wish to carry out to the exterior and to the interior of the property and planning approval for works to the exterior.

Architectural proposals to a listed building have to balance your requirements with the limitations impose by the listing of your home. In making proposals it is important for future generations to be able to read the building and understand its original layout and form. The details of the property, the doors, the skirting boards and the finishes are as important as the fabric and structure and I will seek to match new details with original details.

If you want to carry out alterations or improvements to a listed building, I can help you by liaising with the heritage team to see how best we can fulfil your wishes whilst complying with the requirements for listed buildings. I recommend seeking pre-application advice before the formal submission of Listed Building & Planning applications for proposed works.

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