Rear Dormer Replacement

Project Info

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  • Location

    Five-Ways, Brighton

The brief

The clients brief was to maximise the usable space on the second floor creating usable bedrooms and to replace the small tired old rear facing dormer.

The property

The house is a large semi-detached two-storey property in which the loft space had been badly converted some time ago. There was a dormer to the rear which was old, poorly built and lacked insulation and the size of the dormer did not allow for the best use of the loft space.

The solution

The solution focuses on re-building a bigger dormer, enabling the internal space to be re-configured to create two separate bedrooms, a bathroom, and a utility room and significantly improving the energy efficiency of the space.

The result

Internally the new space feels and looks like the second floor has always been there. The space flows from one room to another, the new staircase follows the line of the existing and the new banisters and balustrades match the existing.
Externally to the rear, there is still a dormer but the materials match those on the main roof. There is a small pitched roof on the line of the eaves softening the visual impact of the dormer and blending it in with the rest of the house.
The new windows in the dormer line through with those below and the form and details of the windows match those in the rest of the property.
Roof lights to the front roof slope allow the afternoon sun to bath the second-floor bedrooms with sunlight from mid-day onwards.