Greener homes

I believe in designing homes not just to meet current regulations for energy-efficiency, but to minimise the environmental impact of buildings, give home-owners a warm and comfortable home and help you save money on your heating bills.

Energy costs are forever increasing and we all need to reduce our carbon footprint. Building regulations sets the standard for insulation and the maximum figure for the air tightness in your new home, your extension or conversion. If you are working on an existing property building regulations may require you to carryout energy saving measures to the existing structure in addition to the requirements for the new work. I will ensure you achieve building regulations standards as an absolute minimum but we would like to help you to be greener.

As part of our services we can carry out an energy assessment of your property. This assessment will give you suggestions of what you could do to reduce your energy bills, actions to make your home more comfortable and help you towards a low carbon future. We will look at the whole property, particularly the elements that are directly affected by the proposed works. We can identify the energy efficiency measures suitable for your property and include these as part of the works. 

Together we can come up with a low energy strategy for your building project and for your home.

More about green refurbishments, energy assessments and Passivhaus standards.

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